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Use the DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW command to clean up the residual meta data for the materialized view.

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There is no limit on the number of levels or hierarchies you can place in a dimension.

This instance was evicted from the group by another instance of the cluster database group for one of several reasons, which may include a communications error in the cluster and failure to issue a heartbeat to the control file.

Check to see if the domain index has been implemented with system-managed storage tables.

"ACTIVE_SESS_POOL_P1", "QUEUEING_P1", "PARALLEL_DEGREE_LIMIT_P1", "SWITCH_P1", "SWITCH_P2", "SWITCH_P3", "MAX_EST_EXEC_TIME", "UNDO_POOL" An attempt was made to delete a subtree that includes a plan or consumer group that is part of more than one top-plan as part of procedure DELETE_PLAN_CASCADE or package DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER. An invalid user name was specified as argument to procedure SET_INITIAL_CONSUMER_GROUP of package DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER or SWITCH_CONSUMER_GROUP_FOR_USER of package DBMS_SYSTEM or the specified user was not logged on.

It is possible that an attempt was made to create the Java class from a damaged class file, in which case the CREATE should be reattempted with a correct class file.

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