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November 2 / Cleveland, OH Notes: Four years later, nearly to the day, and there was Bruce, once again, on the stump in the battleground state of Ohio in the final hours of a presidential campaign, doing his best to get a Democratic president back in the Oval Office.With four more years of history to chew on, Springsteen has been energetic in his support for Barack Obama at a total now of four rallies in the past month, including Sunday afternoon's Change We Need rally in Cleveland.Arie for his new song, "If You're Out There." After short sets from Legend and Arie, Bruce was back for a little acoustic set of his own, with solo readings of "The Promised Land" and "This Hard Land." In between he gave a version of his recent Vote for Change stump speech, saying that electing Obama was just the beginning to "taking back our country," and that it would take everyone "from Jersey, Long Island, and all points west" to rebuild this hard land.

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The guitar Bruce played during his set was auctioned as well, bringing in an additional ,000 for the cause.For a minute, both families blended together on stage as Barack thanked Bruce for his support, Obama telling the crowd, "A rising is coming!"October 16 / New York, NY / Hammerstein Ballroom Notes: At the "Change Rocks" benefit concert in support of Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel joined forces, the favorite sons of New Jersey and Long Island meeting in Manhattan to co-headline a show that also featured John Legend and India. Caroline Kennedy introduced the artists, and Bruce had a few more words before the performances began -- first of all, about the undercard: "Billy and I thought we could sing until we heard India and John rehearsing earlier.Acknowledging that he was the only musician on the bill for this New York Comedy Festival event, he got into the spirit of the show with a couple of jokes between songs.He said that the only jokes he knows are the ones the band tells him on the bus.

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