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A few days ago, Origin downloaded an update for this game. However, after it installed, it completely broke the game. I'm not on Steam, but I ended up with this problem too.

It no longer worked through Steam, and Origin kept prompting for a key when I tried to start the game. Luckily, I was able to repair the game through the Steam client and all is working again. I keep cancelling the update, but it would be great to have a way to tell Origin to not update the game. I had downloaded some DLC for ME2 and ALL of my EA titles stopped working.

Please refer to the back of this manual for your code.

You will also need this code when registering to play online.

Yes, you can manually choose to update a Game if you have Auto Update disable.

To manually update a game, left click on a game icon image in the Origin Client and choose check for update.

Once a code has been registered for online play it is linked to the person who registered it.

If you find a registration code does not work when entered for online play, it may be because it has already been registered by someone else (for example, if you purchase a pre-owned game).

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To install Pro Evolution Soccer® 2017 you must enter a registration code during the install process.

This prevents Portage from managing the Steam client updates or the software installed by it.

The Steam client is solely responsible for managing software installation and updates.

So far DAO Ultimate and ME1 are still broke and nothing I do gets them to work anymore.

Parts of EA are aware of the screwup, although this is my own first read of it affecting a game other than Dragon Age, for which you should refer to this thread:

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